full valet (gold valet) approx time 2.5 - 3.5h

full valet (gold valet) approx time 2.5 - 3.5h
A lot of car washes is called medium valet (silver valet) as a full valet, it misleads the customer. Always check what the services contain. Our full valet contain - pre wash by the snow foam or we put liquid "traffic film remover", - alloys deep cleaned and degreased (yellow coating removed), - car hand washed, - sills cleaned, - tar marks and other contamination removed, - car dried, - tires dressed, - interior vacuumed with boot, - awkwards areas vacuumed, - all plastics inside cleaned and dressed, - fabric seats deep washed and then impregnated, - leather seats deep cleaned and then impregnated, - floor washed and then impregnated, - mats washed and then impregnated, - exterior plastics cleaned and dressed, - each cup holders cleaned, - windows inside cleaned, - windows outside cleaned and polished (front widow cover glass guard), - car hand covering polymer paint sealant (you can choose from three types of polymer), - car refreshed with an air freshener
55-smal large cars, 4x4-60

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